Smart HNT

It's A Helium hotspot miner to earn money with biggest iot network

Simple To Set Up & use

Plug In

You can connect it to the electrical socket, do not worry, there will be no additional electricity expenses because the device operates on low power

Setup Using App

Adjust device settings via your own wallet via the Helium application

Awesomeness Ready

It takes about 24 hours for the hotspot to appear on the helium network and then it will be ready to receive profits

How it works


Hotspots are chosen by the network to issue challenges, encrypted messages over the Internet, to a target group of Hotspots. Challenges are used by Proof-of-Coverage to validate wireless coverage. Hotspots can issue challenges from any location, not just to local Hotspots.


Hotspots earn a share of HNT for participating in Proof-of-Coverage and validating their peer’s wireless coverage. The amount each Hotspot earns depends on how often it is directly involved in Proof-of-Coverage activity.

3. WITNESSES: 20.08%

Hotspots that monitor and report Proof-of-Coverage activity (beacons) of other Hotspots receive a portion of HNT depending on how much activity they’ve witnessed, and the reward scaling of the Challengee.


HNT is distributed to Hotspots that transferred data from devices on the network. The amount of HNT is allocated proportionally based on the amount of data a Hotspot transferred.

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